Kim took the time to explain the difference between Plan F and Plan G. With this information, I saved over $500.00 on my supplement by going with Plan G over Plan F.   - J.H., IL


 Turning 65 can be so confusing. Dan and Kim walked us through the whole process to make sure we had everything we needed. And now we look forward to our annual policy review!!   - S.P., IL


 I had Plan N for years and thought I was getting the best plan at the best price. Kim showed me Plan G with a new company and I was able to save $300.00 a year while moving from Plan N to Plan G.   - S.Y., SC


 I had been with my current carrier for 4 years when I received a huge rate increase. After looking at my options, Kim found me the exact same plan and saved me over $65.00 a month.   - W.B., MI


 My rates were going up more and more every year. Kim found me a the exact same plan with a new company and saved me over $700.00 a year. Thank you!   - C.H., IN